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Best Homemade Designs In Fair Haven

A family-owned and operated company. Ever since 2010 we, as a family, have been making home remedies to help people heal, feel good, and enjoy creating products made with ingredients from the home or from nature. As of 2022, we have added Custom Designs with you in mind! We are here for you as our passion is to ...

Our Creation Process

The materials we use to create our products are natural to help make our designs look elegant and attractive. We do our best to avoid using materials that will cause irritation, unpleasant smells, and odors. We also utilize special precision tools. Keeping in mind safety and care for you and yours. We also make ...

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  • Handcrafted
  • Cashapp accepted
  • Venmo accepted
  • Debit & Credit cards accepted
  • Free consultation
  • Good for children
  • Family Owned
  • We use and know American Sign Language, ASL
  • Custom made gifts


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Grandkids Family Tree Custom

Family Tree of Grandkids for Grandparents.  
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Custom Engraved Pictures

Custom wood images of pictures taken of memories …
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From $25.00

Make It Your Way

802 Designs

802 Designs

Custom Design

Here we provide you with any custom design you prefer: personalize it with names, numbers, and many other options on any kind of material, …
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$5.00 Starting from


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